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Fukien Old Wine _ Store Design & Built

Fukien Old Wine is a brand of a cooking wine with two hundred years legacy. We retain its heritage and explore innovative elements of today in their first retail shop located in

Sheung Wan, a traditional district in HK.

Hued in a red facade with green sprayed gate , a red neon in wine bottle icon has stand out its core product along the tortuous lane in this traditional street.


A welcoming X-ray key visual and graffiti has blended into the interior with mosaic tiles and traditional neon made "福建老酒" logo in-store which brings the new and classy into a perfect harmony.


Upper deck of the store is a multi function space for cooking class, events and business meetings. A three seats highlighted bar area are zoned to enhance communication from visitors and sharing thoughts. 


We aim to create a store not only for “buy & sell “ but also bringing people together and and spread the joy of cooking culture. 

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