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GLADC studio pursues a sense of space which triggers human emotions in extensive range of ​ Retail Art & Design.

We devoted to compose an unique visual language for brands and individuals to engage conversations, create a deeper connection

to each other via spatial experiences in all senses.

From design consultation, spatial planning, 

project management to production and construction. 



" We create not only visual excitements, but also speak for brands.
      We believe the power of spaces makes story heard." - Gladys.

After graduated from industrial design study at The HK Polytechnic University,

Gladys started her Visual Merchandising journey at the luxury fashion & lifestyle department store -LaneCrawford(HK).


With the immeasurable experiences at LaneCrawford, she then worked as an Individual Creative Consultant

with a wide range of global brands and successfully gains a recognition within the industry.


She set up her own design practice, the GLADC studio in 2014 till now.


Founder and Design Director

  • External Examination Moderator at HKBU HD Commercial Design _ School of Continuing Education _ year 2020-2023

  • Concentration Studies Industry Advisor ( CISA ) HKBU year 2016-2018

  • Speaker of Profession Sharing for Applied Learning Course - Jewellery and Fashion Design HKBU _ year 2015-2017

  • Consultant of Visual Merchandising at LaneCrawford _ year 2010-2014


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