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Hong Kong Jockey Club _ Refurbishment

📍Bistro. 5/f, Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse, Shatin 

Refurbishment of the restaurant- Bistro, at the Hong Kong Jockey Club Clubhouse, Shatin. 
Bringing life again to the restaurant, we tested and installed vintage finished and plain mirrors carved with lifestyle statements on the original panels . 

Filled with numerous of framed images which are designed and re-shoot by our in-house team,, together with several reprinted retro posters in french style to bring back a warm ambience to the space. 

A wide range of greenery and floral arrangement are newly prepared for communal table for seasonal rotate. We bring layers on newly designed plant pots made in gun metal colour and reallocated at the outdoor bars to differentiate specific sectors correspond to different restaurants connected.



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